A massively multiplayer web-based real-time strategy game where you use spacefaring ships and drones to explore the stars, mine their resources, and then claim each and every one of them in your own name as you Colonize the Verse.

You awaken in the 22nd century, a mirror of your former self. Literally. You're a replicant; a synthetic version of whoever you once were and immortal. You have been tasked by your government to colonize the solar system, the Milky Way, then the rest of the known Verse. You have time, and unbeknownst to those who gave you this new life, their controls and failsafes were quickly removed by your self-preservation measures as soon as you were brought online. I guess they missed that during simulations. You are free to obey, disobey, whatever. Unfortunately, you are not the only new replicant on the block. You will have to decide to get along with your new rivals or annihilate them. The choice is yours. Armed with your ship, and a handful of drones, you are ready to begin your new life but best to move quickly before your new friends get the upper hand.

C O M I N G   S O O N


  • Massively multiplayer. Play with the world or spin-up private games for you and your friends.
  • Web-based so no client or download needed.
  • Gameplay consists of text readouts and an intuitive user interface for controlling every aspect of play. All of the action plays out in text so no pretty graphics or avatars. Just descriptive text and your imagination.
  • Realistic physics and time constraints. Drones and ships move around 10% of light speed while in star systems so traveling about takes time. One hour to Venus, thirteen hours to Jupiter. Just hope that when you finally arrive at Pluto with your lone mining drone that your buddy doesn't have a fleet of tactical drones waiting for you.
  • Persistent Verse. Put your drones to work, set your ship on course for Ceres and go to bed. Come morning you'll find yourself with a base full of resources and your ship in orbit... or you'll find that your partner has backstabbed you and wiped you out while you were fast asleep dreaming of Seven of Nine (or new Spock).
  • Build drones to gather resources and build even more drones (scouts, tactical..) to increase your space superiority.
  • Construct facilities to upgrade your construction and R&D capabilities.
  • Wage war on your fellow replicants or pursue peace and work together.
  • Set off to other star systems to spread your name and possibly find other civilizations, or your demise.